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  Red Square March available in World in Harmony.

        Published in Trinity College London's Grade 1 Syllabus 2015-2017. All proceeds to LGS South Pacific for the development of educaion in the

        South Pacific. Books available at $15 for one, $20 for two, $25 for three and $28 for four whilst stockes last  plus P&P $3.95. Contact             or call +61404905401 to place an order.

Surfing Sailing and Sprinting

Surfing sailing and Sprinting was composed for boys and girls who seek action and adventure. Titles include Danger with it's mounting dynamic tension, Little Brave featuring the Tom Tom drum bass which boys love,and fifteen other action packed action pieces designed to tempt active kids to the piano stool.

The Playground

The Playground is a collection of 12 pieces for those who are ready to expand their geography of the keyboard – extending the range of notation to an octave, in the setting of a traditional play park, complete with swings, skateboards and a hint of Geri’s English village background. The play park offers a range of styles from swinging blues  to ragtime  a variety of tempos and keys and encourages creative interpretation with clearly marked performance directions, articulation and dynamics.


World in Harmony
Musical Menagerie

World in Harmony, Geri’s latest book, is a compilation of 12 pieces created to facilitate a voyage of discovery through musical cultures of the world. Students will enjoy the marching rhythm of England’s ‘Changing of the Guard’, escaping to Trinidad’s Carnival Calypso or perhaps the popular New Orleans Show Boat; an opportunity to show early talent at a concert or performance.

Musical Menagerie Geri’s first book, published by Alfred, is a collection of short animal themed pieces created for young pianists who are ready to play hands together. Written in accessible keys, the pieces enable the performer to experience the fun of playing hands together within familiar hand positions.  Fourteen titles including Donkey Plod, Kangaroo Bounce and Rhino Rumpus portray animal characteristics musically and the ‘picture this’ feature encourages creativity by prompting a visual image for each piece.


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